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Card Edge Connectors

Card edge connectors are one of the original devices used to provide an easy, high-speed transmission of data and communication. These card edge connectors provide low resistance, robust interconnect solutions at a low price. Card edge connectors are available in an extensive array of configurations that can be tailored to countless applications. Find the card edge connector you are looking for today at Greenconn!

Types of Card Edge Connectors


PCI, also known as Peripheral Component Interconnect, is a local computer bus used for the purpose of successfully attaching hardware components. These connectors are typically used to allow add-on network, sound or video cards, modems and other peripherals to be attached to a computer motherboard.


What is an Edge Connector?

A card edge connector is a female connector that, in order to transmit data, permits an outside card to be inserted. These card edge connectors provide durable and robust solutions that allow for cards to be frequently inserted and extracted. Since card edge connectors are only one-sided solutions, they come at a low cost yet still provide easy, high-speed transmission. These edge connectors are commonly used in personal computers but are also applicable for their implementation in energy applications, traffic control systems, transportation systems and medical equipments.

Card Edge Connector PCB Design

Card edge connectors are designed with a female connector attached to a PCB. A mating card is then inserted into the card edge connector (female) in order to allow for the transmission of data or communication. The connector provides a tight fit on the card which causes for an optimal interconnect. Card edge connectors can also be designed with polarizing keys to ensure that the mating card can only be inserted correctly into the connector in one way. At Greenconn, our card edge connectors are designed with various configurations that can accommodate any application.

How to make a PCB Edge Connector?

Card edge connectors are made with either one or two rows of contacts. These contacts are made of metal and availible in various kinds of metal plating. Each metal offers its own set of advantages regarding rust and corrosion resistance. We offer plating solutions which include: gold, copper, tin and nickel. These contacts are typically found within a housing that can be provided in various types of plastic housing. Greenconn's card edge connectors are offered in straight and right angle variations. For further inquiries, contact a sales representative today!

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