Press Fit Connectors

Press-fit is a process of a connector being pressed through properly dimensioned plated-through holes on a PCB. Press-fit technology is a solder-free electrical assembly process, which greatly reduces assembly time and production costs. With press-fit connectors, soldering is no longer required. This creates an easy installation process and ensures a high reliability of connection to the PCB.

How do press-fit connectors work?

Press-fit connectors provide inherently reliable and solder-free connectivity solutions ideal for a wide range of applications across a multitude of industries. As the latitude of the press-in zone is bigger than that of the PCB hole, the elastic contraction of two press-fit flexible parts by extrusion makes the press-fit terminal smoothly inserted into the conductive hole of the circuit board, so as to realize the highly reliable electro-mechanical interconnects with low-ohmic resistance between the press-fit connector and the PCB board.
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