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As a leading manufacturer of connector solutions, Greenconn provides connectors for applications in the automotive, telecom, industrial, and medical industries as well as other areas. There are a wide range of male and female headers in single, double and multiple rows to suit different forms, pitches, heights and mounting orientations. Press-fit connectors do not require soldering and are easy to install. Floating connectors can effectively eliminate misalignment, reduce assembly stress and improve shock & vibration resistance through a three-axis floating design. RAST 2.5 IDC connectors are designed with insulation displacement connection technology which improves their reliability, can be assembled to the PCB without the need of mating sockets, and also avoid accidental detachment due to their reliable locking mechanism. In addition, Greenconn can also customize different automotive connectors to accommodate for high current, shielding, waterproofing and other requirements.

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