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Customized Connectors

At Greenconn, a trusted custom connector manufacturer, we offer countless standard connectors that are sold to our customers on a regular basis. However, sometimes these products might not meet the specifications of your application or offer the same functions to satisfy your interconnect needs. Greenconn has the experience and expertise you are looking for: developing innovative customized design solutions. Within our business, 20% of the solutions we provide are custom electrical connectors that are meticulously tailored to the needs of each individual customer. We hope you will come to us for your next custom connectors!

Types of Customized Connectors

Electrical Connector Customization Process

Greenconn is equipped with a customization tool embedded into our website. Through this tool, you are able to alter already made products and design new, customized connectors all on your own. All you need to do is input the specifications and features of the product you are hoping to have created. Once the tool has made the new, customized product, 2D and 3D graphics can be saved and downloaded to get a head start on the production process. From there, our engineers will come up with a final product design that suits your internonnect needs. These engineers are ready for your inquires should you need any further assistance. Greenconn is excited to work with you to develop your next innovative, customized product.

Advantages of Custom Electrical Connectors

Customized solutions allow us to make a connector specifically to be used in the application you need. At Greenconn, we offer custom connector design solutions according to shape, orientation, termination style, number of rows, pitch, materials used, altered specifications, etc. We are willing to make changes to one of our existing connectors or help make a connector from scratch. With customized solutions, we still provide short lead times and low-cost solutions. Greenconn has years of experience producing high-quality, innovative customized solutions for our customers. You can count on us to create the right product for you!

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How to Use Custom Electrical Connectors?

Using custom electrical connectors can vary depending on the specific type of connector and the equipment it is being used with. However, here are some general steps to follow when using custom electrical connectors:

Determine the type of connector needed: Identify the type of eleectrical connector that is compatible with the equipment you are using. This may involve checking the connector manufacturer's specifications or consulting with an expert in the field.

Install the connector: Install the custom electrical connector onto the equipment by following the instructions provided by the custom connector manufacturer. This may involve soldering wires onto the electrical connector or using a crimping tool to attach the wires.

Test the connection: Once the custom electrical connector is installed, test the connection to ensure it is working properly. This may involve using a multimeter to check for continuity or performing a functionality test.

Follow safety precautions: Always follow safety precautions when working with electrical equipment. This may involve wearing appropriate protective gear, turning off the power source before installing the electrical connector, and avoiding contact with live cables.

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