Leading the Charge for Sustainability: Greenconn to Showcase the Latest Connector Technology at 2024 TAIPEI AMPA

Founded in Taiwan, Greenconn is a leading connector manufacturer committed to providing customers with customizable connector solutions that integrate outstanding performance, high reliability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. From April 17th to 20th, 2024, Greenconn will be showcasing in the prestigious 2024 TAIPEI AMPA exhibition.

As the automotive industry's premier event, TAIPEI AMPA will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Following international trends with four main themes: "RE:DUCE, RE:THINK, RE:SECURE,RE:CONNECT", it will present the integrated advantages of various industries such as automotive aftermarket parts, automotive electronics, ICT, semiconductors, and panels, striving alongside Taiwanese companies for the key roles in the future mobile era's supply chain.

With over 26 years of focus on connector solutions, Greenconn will showcase its full range of connector products and the latest connector technologies and solutions at this exhibition. From board-to-board connectors to wire-to-board connectors, from automotive connectors to industrial and consumer connectors, Greenconn will offer a diverse product portfolio to meet the needs of various industries. Greenconn's GA01 and GT series waterproof connector products will also make their debut at the Taiwanese exhibition.

Furthermore, to continue promoting the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concept, the 2024 TAIPEI AMPA will also feature an ESG zone and ESG lecture, where exhibitors will share their relevant achievements and plans concerning ESG, assisting the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket parts and automotive electronics industries in enhancing their "green" core competitiveness. As part of its commitment to ESG values, Greenconn has obtained Green ESG Achievement certification, which further demonstrated its strong commitment to sustainable practices and responsible corporate governance. At this exhibition, Greenconn will thoroughly present its ESG initiatives, contributing to enhancing the "green" core competitiveness of the automotive aftermarket parts and automotive electronics industries.

We look forward to meeting you at Booth No. M0206, Hall 1, 2024 TAIPEI AMPA Exhibition to experience the future of connector technology.

For more information about Greenconn and its connector solutions, please feel free to inquire on-site or contact us immediately.
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