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Floating Range:X axis, Y axis, Z axis +/-0.5mm
Rated Current:1A/Pin
Rated Voltage:50V AC/DC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:250V AC Lasts 1 minute
Insulation Resistance:500MΩMinimum
Contact Resistance:100mΩMaximum
Mating Cycles:100
Soldering Temperature:245±3℃/3~5 S
Operating Temperature:-40℃~105℃
Humidity Level:Level 1
Mounting Method:DIP
Mating Height:25.00mm
Effective Contact Length:1.70mm


Greenconn's floating mechanism is characterized by the absorption of alignment errors at the contact point of the receptacles. The dual contacts shift with respect to the movement of the connector, thereby achieving flexible range of motion.


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